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Patient testimonials speak for themselves.


Ashley was my first acupuncturist and she was everything I expected and more. My visits with her were therapeutic and I learned something from her practice during every visit. Having Ashley as my acupuncturist was one of the best decisions I made. My husband and I were dealing with infertility for over 3 years. We had several miscarriages and were starting to feel hopeless. Ashley helped me build my confidence up with her extensive knowledge of how acupuncture works with the body. I took Chinese herbs that she recommended during my visits and they paired very well with my body. After my husband started to notice how calm and relaxed I was after every session he started to receive Ashley's services for acupuncture as well and he loved it! We both were in such a great space and so in synched during our sessions. We are now 36 weeks pregnant with our first baby and we are beyond thankful and excited. Ashley's calmness, open heart, and acupuncture services had everything to do with our pregnancy being successful. I would recommend Ashley's services without thinking twice. She has a lovely spirit and her positive energy I can not even begin to explain.


I discovered Ashley and acupuncture when I was experiencing morning (aka all day) sickness my first trimester.  Ashley became an important part of my care during my first trimester and after every acupuncture visit I would feel such relief from my nausea.  Later on in pregnancy I reached back out to Ashley when the doctor mentioned my baby was breech as this was something acupuncture could also assist with.  My daughter ended up flipping before my appointment with Ashley, but I continued to see her in my third trimester and believe acupuncture helped prepare and support my body for birth.  Now postpartum, I have seen Ashley for assistance with clogged ducts related to breastfeeding.  I am so grateful I have found Ashley and discovered the benefits of acupuncture!  Ashley is a compassionate and knowledgeable care provider.  She makes acupuncture and Chinese medicine very approachable and explains the points she uses as well as offers suggestions about ways to help support my overall wellness. 


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my acupuncturist Ashley Paraiso!  I came in with some pretty serious lower back issues and pain.  I've tried everything short of surgery to this point.  Ashley took the time to talk with me and learn of my history and really made me feel like we had a partnership toward health.  She is the consummate professional but is also exceedingly warm and welcoming and genuinely cares about my well-being.  Acupuncture is a little intimidating, as I had never tried it before, but she made me feel comfortable to the point that I actually enjoy my visits with her.  She's improving my health and wellness and we're having fun while doing it.  What more can you ask for?  She clearly knows her stuff and has earned my trust very quickly.  I've had a number of sessions now and will absolutely continue.

Steve, 70

Several years ago I was diagnosed as having lower lumbar, degenerative disc disease, and more recently, cervical or neck disc degeneration, which creates a range of discomfort from slight pain and numbness in the legs, shoulders and arms, to the inability to walk without significant pain. The initial recommendation from Orthopedic and Neurological surgeons was spinal fusion. However, after seeking second and third opinions, one physician suggested that I pursue acupuncture.  


I have been a lifelong cycling, mounting biking, running and hiking enthusiast. I sought out alternatives to surgery because, even today, at age 70 I wanted to be able to continue pursuing these physical activities. Fortunately, I found Ashley and her approach to acupuncture, her skills and expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, I have been able to continue to cycle, mountain bike and hike. 


I greatly appreciate the time Ashley takes in evaluating and diagnosing the complexities of my medical issues, and explaining exactly the process as she engages in the treatments. She is articulate, understanding and considerate in everything she does during the treatments. Perhaps most importantly, Ashley has allowed me to avoid surgery, and live essentially pain free as I continue to pursue most all of the things I love to do.  


Alternative or natural medicine, and particularly Chinese methods, including acupuncture, can be confusing, but if I had not taken the risk, I’m confident I would have had surgery, which does not alway work. I was fortunate to have found a highly skilled, compassionate, and knowledgable practitioner who communicates clearly and sincerely cares about her patients.

David, 63

Acupuncture?? I was “just a bit” skeptical. I would’ve never thought about acupuncture until a friend recommended acupuncture for my chronic headaches. Several years ago, I had a massive stroke resulting in chronic headaches exacerbated by one of my epilepsy meds. So, meet Ashley Paraiso. Within two or three sessions, my headaches almost dissipated. It was six years of daily headaches. I asked Ashley what else acupuncture could acupuncture relieve. As a result of my stroke, I have aphasia (difficulty with word finding). In addition, I’m pretty active and have multiple knee, hamstring, back and calf issues. And, I am legitimately old. Ashley and acupuncture has relieved many of my health related issues. As I think about words/phrases that I use for Ashley the list is long. Kind. Patient. Remarkable. Accomplished. Empathetic. Amazing. Caring. Genuinely concerned about your well-being. Bottom line, Ashley rocks. Would I recommend Ashley…absolutely!! I’m still old but old and almost pain-free. Thanks Ashley! 

Gagan N.

After over a decade suffering from sinusitis and congestion, and not being able to smell or taste without the aid of steroids and procedures, I came in to see Ashley. We talked about lifestyle, diet and my goals, and created a dietary plan, along with herbal prescriptions and regular acupuncture. Within two weeks, my breathing changed, and I went an entire fall, winter and spring season without any sinus issues, including being able to once again savor all my favorite foods and fragrances without the aid of any steroids. She quite literally changed my life, and I'm forever grateful to Ashley for opening up a new world of treatment options that are holistic, natural and effective.


Over the course of two years I had the pleasure of being one of Ashley's clients. I began acupuncture to support IVF and IUI treatments and also sought assistance with chronic back pain management. Ashley's presence, kindness, and emotional support coupled with her skills as an acupuncturist, helped me find balance and calm through the emotionally tumultuous process of infertility treatments. Working on my back issues, she was gentle and thoughtful in her approach and helped me find great relief (for the first time in years). Ashley is a tremendous person who brings her whole self to this work.

I came to Ashley after being in severe discomfort from a car accident that physical therapy and chiropractic care 3x a week for several months did not relieve, and I could not be more grateful to have found her! She has a wealth of knowledge and truly listens to and cares about your concerns. Not only has the acupuncture and cupping she’s performed on me greatly reduced/eliminated symptoms, but she also has recommended herbs that have made an improvement in my overall well-being too. I highly recommend her!!!

Female, 28

Ashley, I can feel my lower legs for the first time in a year!!!! - A message from a 44 year old patient with long COVID, one hour after she left acupuncture treatment.

Ashley helped me through my year long fertility struggle both physically and emotionally. She always took time to listen to how I was doing that day and explained to me how she would adjust the acupuncture treatment accordingly. She is also a great friend to talk to. Now we are 4 months pregnant and can't thank her enough.


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